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By applying Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles to your daily life, it really is possible to create the life you want! 

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Applying Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles To Daily Life In A Practical Way.


Check out these articles.  I am confident that you will find helpful information that you can use along  your path. I'd love to hear if you learn anything knew or have additional insights to share. See all articles here.

YOU Can Change The World!
You Really Can!

Why Prayers Go Unanswered
It's Not All About "God!"

Navigating A Difficult Situation
Relying On Spirit / The Universe
Energetic Solution / Mechanical Problem
A True Story - Spiritual Team - Clearing - Energetic Protection
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Hello, my name is Rich Hamm.  Welcome to The Illuminated Path! It is my aspiration that all who visit find help applying Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to daily life in a practical way with effectiveness measured in tangible personal experience.

Something that may be helpful to you along your path is using symbols as a reminder of "who you are."  With that in mind, I would like to send you a "Key to the Kingdom," a reminder of something that you already have, not that you just aspire to!  You came to earth from your nonphysical home to have a human, physical experience to learn, grow and enjoy.  Returning to your home, or "heaven," is your birthright!  You don't have to "earn" it or prove yourself. Just by bieng, you are loved unconditionally!

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