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Hello, my name is Rich Hamm.  Welcome to The Illuminated Path! It is my aspiration that all who visit find help applying Universal Laws and spiritual principles to daily life in a practical way with effectiveness measured in tangible personal experience.

In  2007 I experienced a paradigm shift.  You can read more about the specifics here, but suffice it to say I was in total despair and on the brink of personal and financial collapse.  I found surrendering control and fully

trusting Spirit was my only option.  Since that time my experience has turned one hundred eighty degrees.  I have gone from despair to peace,

from scarcity to wealth and from lack to abundance in all ways.  I

have many examples, but the most objective evidence is my positive business financials. Read More...

Development Circle

I am establishing a "DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE" so that all who

participate  have the opportunity to improve their intuition and

connection with Self and Spirit.  This is a brand new group.  We will

meet every week at a mutually convenient time via web meeting.  

Check out more details here.  If you are interested in joining the

group, click here.  All are welcome even if you have no experience!


...and your FREE Key to The Kingdom! 

Something that has been important and useful along my path is the use of symbols.  Subscribe today and receive your free Key to The Kingdom, a symbol and reminder of the Law of Unconditional Love!  Explanation here.

When you subscirbe, please provide your full mailing address as your Key to The Kingdom will ship via U.S. Mail.

Recent Articles

Check out these articles.  I am confident that you will find helpful information that you can use along   your path.  I'd love to hear if you learn anything knew or have additional insights to share.  See all   articles  here.

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