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About Rich

I graduated from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan with a

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management in 1989 also completing

my Private Pilot’s license that same year.  Soon after, I earned my Airline Transport

Pilot and Flight Instructor certificates training at several schools, including Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

​I worked as a corporate pilot until 2002.  I also performed sales marketing

and management roles for those same companies during that time. 

However, I always felt driven to own my own company.  In 2002 I received an 

offer from the owner of the company I was flying for to become the active

principal and general manager for a business he owned that was a "turn around opportunity."

After several weeks of consideration, I accepted the offer.  I was given ownership stock as “sweat equity” in return.  While I was concerned about the challenge, I was confident that I could make the enterprise profitable.

However, after several years of trying everything I could think of to turn the business around, the company continued to languish, losing thousands of dollars every month. So, I did something quite surprising. I bought into yet another failing enterprise.  (Not something good business people would recommend!)  Well, my rationale was that I could merge the two companies and ultimately save them both. However, that plan did not work out well.  Both companies continued to lose considerable money over the next two years until finally I received THE phone call from my financing partner. He said, “I’m not sure what your emergency plan is but you need it now."  He had pulled his financial support.  I found I had exhausted myself and all of my options.  Now I was on the literal brink of personal and financial collapse.

​While having some awareness but little real understanding of spiritual laws and principles, I found I had nowhere else to turn.  I have since learned to apply Universal or “Spiritual” laws and principles to all areas of my everyday life, including my business, which has led to astonishing experiences and incredible results!  Peace is now my default state-of-being, and love, joy and abundance my common experience.

I was able to successfully merge the two companies in 2009 after becoming solidly profitable and to date we have grown our revenue five times with corresponding profitability!  I remain a principal and run that same company today.

I have now found a new driving purpose; to share what I have learned with others so that they too may have their own incredible experiences and astonishing results.

I have been married thirty years to my college sweetheart who is a first grade teacher. We have two amazing children and live in southwestern Michigan.


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