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Enter The FIlling Station

The Filling Station is The Illuminated Path's place to gather, encourage, connect & fill up.  It's a place to share your accomplishments and to ask questions while connecting with others on a similar path.  It's similar to a Facebook Group, but hosted on our  private platform.  Please consider joining the conversation! 


It's simple to set up an account by using your email and choosing a password.  If you have a Google or Facebook account you can choose to log in using those credentials as well. 


At The Filling Staiton you will be able to enter into conversations, set up your personal profile page, follow and even chat with friends. This (captive / group) social media solution was chosen to ensure the privacy of all members.  It also provides confidence that the platform will not be adversley affected by the actions of an outside provider.

Ready to join the conversation & meet some friends?   Set Up Your Account Here!

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