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Connect With Intent & Discernment

We talk a lot about connecting with Spirit at The Illuminated Path. The purpose of connecting with Spirit is to receive personal guidance that is in your highest and best good. Connecting with Spirit is accomplished through intuition.

How To Connect:

One can connect with Spirit through the various intuitive senses such as clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and even clairsalience or (clear smelling).

If you have ever had a “gut feeling,” that’s an example of clairsentience. You may receive pictures or even “movies” that appear in your mind’s eye, an example of clairvoyance. Whispers or auditory perception is of course an example of clairaudience while literally smelling a fragrance that reminds you of someone or something is an example of clairsalience.

Similar to having five physical senses, each of us has intuitive or “clair” senses that can be further developed. Generally one or two of the clair senses tend to be stronger while the others play a supportive role.

Connect Intentionally

When connecting with Spirit, connect intentionally. Know that it’s not only possible but preferred to specify exactly who or what you wish to connect to.

For instance, you could hold a clear intention and request to connect only with those or information from Love and Light. You may also be specific, asking to connect to say your Guardian Angel, a Master or a specific loved one for instance. Like many energetic things, your intent is very important.

As long as you connect with intent, you will line up with the information and / or those that you desire. This would be opposed to having no intent and just waiting to see who or what “shows up.”

Connect With Discernment:

After making the connection with clear intent, pay attention to how you feel and / or the quality of the information that you are receiving. It’s important to remember; information received from Love and Light will be matter-of-fact and non-emotional. It can also be associated with the feeling (not emotion – but literally the feeling in the body) of support, encouragement, love and even bliss. Most importantly you will never be “told” what to do.

Because we live on the earth plane we do deal with the opposite of Love and Light, so connecting with intent and discernment is important. (For more on this see Is Dark Energy Real and 5 Potential Vulnerabilities to Dark Energy).

Your Spirit Team loves you and wants to have a direct relationship with you. By connecting intentionally and with discernment you will receive the true guidance that you desire. In my experience it is the best support and guidance available!

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