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Is "Dark Energy" Real?

An Introduction

As you may know I was a professional pilot for a number of years. Whenever I’d fly passengers it was my top priority for them to feel safe and comfortable. I would have plenty of snacks and drinks aboard so if they needed a refreshment en route we’d have them available. I’d also plan way ahead to avoid turbulence, abrupt maneuvers and to minimize any other upset they may experience.

On the other hand, I also taught a number of people to fly. As a flight instructor my role changed significantly. Now my job was to assure that my student(s) knew how to handle all aspects of aviation to include successfully navigating a number of emergency situations. That required me to make my students quite uncomfortable at times. They had to actually experience and recover from multiple upsets routinely. Yet soon each became quite comfortable within that environment because they were confident how to handle each situation.

While I feel this topic is especially sensitive it would be an incredible disservice to you not to discuss it. Like my flight students, you are not just a passenger. You are the pilot of your life. It is important for you to be empowered with this knowledge so you are comfortable navigating it as you continue along your path.

So Is It Real? As you know on the earth plane we are exposed to duality. We experience joy and suffering, fear and love, and good and bad for example. So it’s not a leap to acknowledge the possibility that “dark” energy opposes “Light” energy.

As much as I would like it not to be true, dark energy is in fact part of the duality that exists here on earth. I know this from significant personal experience.

Light Compared to Dark. Light energy (the same as Love energy) needs little explanation. You are familiar with it. It is the Love and peace that is your essence derived from Source. It’s the real you. It’s high vibrational and feels good. It’s what you connect to when you stop thinking or when you are, “in the zone” doing what you love. It can feel like inspiration, enthusiasm or fulfillment among many other examples.

In contrast, “dark” energy is of a lower vibration and feels heavy. General negativity and fear are very common examples. You can notice this significant difference just by being aware. Can you feel the difference between "fear" - heavy, helpless and worried - compared to "Love" - light, empowered & sure ?

Dark energy runs the spectrum of forms from fairly innocuous to more disruptive. One particular manifestation I have found is dark energy can actually amplify the negativity, fear or bad habits that we are currently harboring, making the issue(s) much worse.

Be Confident! There are many ways to minimize and resolve negative “dark” energy during your earth plane experience. First, consciously tune to the Light. When you consciously choose the Light and allow your actions to flow from it, you embody and reflect the essence of our Home, Source or The Kingdom as I like to call it. This high vibration provides natural protection against the heavier, lower dark energy.

Incidentally, I believe that when we review our lives after we have crossed over we will compare “how we have done” in contrast to the overwhelming unconditional Love and Light experienced on the other side. It will then become very clear that acting from Love and Light is the only thing that is important.

In addition, when we consciously tune to the Light, we help to brighten the whole earth! As we come into contact with others, our Light encourages theirs which can have a multiplying affect; like the concentric ripples flowing outward from the pebble dropped in a pond. You can be the pebble!

How To Tune To The Light. How do you tune to the Light? Notice (be aware) of how your spirit feels in your body! Notice your environment, the company that you keep and the information that you absorb. Notice what feels light compared to heavy. Do your best to disregard and / or avoid heaviness.

By doing so you are paying attention to the energy around you and choosing the Light. As you become more aware of how your spirit feels in your body, any disruption to your equilibrium will become very apparent. Your skills of discernment will sharpen.

Daily Practical Methods: There are other ways to minimize the impact of dark energy on your life. Daily I ask my spirit team to:

- Clear my space. I ask for angels to “stand watch” while envisioning a sphere of Light surrounding me and my space.

- Align and balance my chakra energy system. Not only does it feel good, but it allows for better discernment of other energy when your system is balanced.

- Cleanse my auric field so that any unhelpful energy picked up from daily activities is released.

- To resolve or remove any discomfort that I notice. Then I pay attention to see if - or assure that - it resolves.

Resolving Current Issues: Of course not all issues are caused by “dark energy.” However, any that you may be experiencing can be resolved. You can do much of this on our own. Yet it may be helpful to work with someone experienced.

I worked with two people for several years when I became serious about my spiritual growth and development. Much of what I know and the skills that I have developed flowed from our work together.

Ask Spirit to line you up with your best resource. There is also help available at The Illuminated Path if you feel that would be helpful. Just email and request a meeting.

Conclusion: Although “dark” energy is part of our earth plane experience, we have full control! Yet in order to experience Love and Light we have to consciously choose it. It is also possible to minimize dark energy’s influence while resolving any issues currently experienced.

Choose to be a Light in the world! You will be led to your highest and best good and you will soar!

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Laura S
Laura S
Apr 26, 2022

This is amazing important information and I will begin to use it daily! Thank you for posting this and clarifying dark energy versus the light !! I LOVE IT!!

Replying to

Thank you for your comment Laura! I am so glad you find it helpful! More to come in future articles. Peace, Love & Light!

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