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Seek First, Things Added

As a seeker you are honored by The Universe for seeking Truth directly. By being audacious enough to question everything, it allows you to ultimately have a deep level of understanding based on experience. This is opposed to having a rote surface knowledge based on blindly accepting what you have been told. Contrary to common belief, Jesus and other Masters aren’t “telling” you what to do or to believe but are encouraging you to have personal experience and direct knowing.

So while I don’t personally resonate with everything written in the Bible that Jesus purportedly said, much of his “Sermon on The Mount” deeply resonates with me. Yesterday while meditating and connecting, Jesus’s quote from that sermon as stated in Matthew 6:33 came to mind. “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

When younger I always thought the “things” that Jesus was talking about here were to be enjoyed in the afterlife. But I now know that the “things” Jesus mentions are real and tangible now! Let’s briefly explore the “things” that might be experienced and why this is true.

First when anyone seeks The Kingdom of God, (seeking your divinity within), generally speaking at some point one begins to trust and surrender. You learn you don’t have to “do it all” and can “lean into” the help and support provided by not only your Spirit Team, but The Laws of Universe itself. Trusting and surrendering alone allows The Universe the ability to work with you much more readily.

Additionally, when seeking The Kingdom, one learns to direct thought knowing that thoughts are creative and significantly influence personal vibration or state-of-being. When your vibration raises your personal attraction point improves. (You attract more of the THINGS you wish to experience in your life.) For me this has meant experiencing improvement financially (money), physically (health) and emotionally (relationships).

Arguably the non-tangible THINGS that are experienced are even more important. Feeling one’s natural Peace and contentment consistently significantly improves quality of life. Additionally, as you develop (rekindle) your relationship with The Universe and your Spirit Team, you experience a deep sense of safety, security and support.

Finally, suffering is minimized in numerous ways. You gain the perspective that hidden within difficulties are the opportunities to practice, learn and grow. Even when the actions of another person affect you negatively, its more likely to feel compassion for the person having the difficult time; to have a deeper level of understanding. Even when a loved one experiences physical death, having the knowing that physical death is just a transition into new life is deeply comforting. These are just a few of many examples.

By continuously “seeking The Kingdom,” it not only feels good but assures that the “THINGS” or benefits Jesus mentions continue to be experienced. It becomes a lifestyle; a way of life.

What kind of “THINGS” have you experienced? Consider sharing in the comments below!

I’m honored to be seeking The Kingdom with you! Here we go! Woo Hoo!

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2 Yorum

15 Eyl 2023

Another great text Rich! So important that among all of us experiencing these states, someone actually writes his own view down. Its quite encouraging both for those starting the journey, as it is for those who started it before. Peace Profound my friend 🙏🏻

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

I so appreciate your comment! Sending all the Good Stuff your way! : )

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