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Your Key To The Kingdom

Symbols & The Law of Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is a Law of The Universe! Many of us have heard that “Heaven,” “The Universe” or “The Kingdom,” as I like to refer to it, is a place of unconditional Love. Yet, we humans have a hard time really grasping it. Why is that? Well, because our “ego” or “mind talk” tells us quite routinely that we are not worthy on some level. “How could it be that I am loved without condition? I have done, (fill in the list of all of the things that you regret or didn’t accomplish), so I just cannot fathom that I would be welcomed back into heaven.” Notice that within this common rational, the judgment is OURS! You see, we didn’t come to earth to be perfect! We came to earth to learn and grow. If we didn’t have challenges, make mistakes, stumble, fall, there would be no growth!

For me, I found I needed to “forgive myself” for not being perfect. I also had to resolve unhelpful conditioned beliefs while paying attention to what my mind was saying. I learned to cancel the untrained negative flow of thoughts and replace them with trained thoughts that felt better. It took me a while to work through “all my stuff” to finally accept that we truly ARE loved unconditionally! But once I finally accepted this reality, I felt liberated, like I had just broken free from prison! And all along I was the one holding myself captive. But now I am free to engage with my life however it feels right for me. It had been that way all along! You see, we don’t have to PROVE or be worthy of anything! Just by BEING, we are revered! We are loved without condition and with great empathy, compassion and understanding.

Unconditional Love is a Law of The Universe! Can you allow yourself to try this concept on for size? How does it feel when you consider this is really true?

Contact / Subscribe today and receive your FREE “Key to The Kingdom”, a symbol and physical reminder of this Truth. I have found that due to the strength of my ego, physical reminders have been very helpful to me along my path. Consider putting this key on your key ring, or display it where you will see it often. I have one on my key ring and another hanging on the wall right beside my bed so I see it before I go to sleep and immediately upon waking. It reminds me that the Law of Unconditional Love is real! While we all need to maintain our awareness, this constant reminder will help retrain your psyche so in time you will embody and realize this Truth!

Go forward without fear to learn, accomplish and contribute! Engage with your eternal life! Yee Ha!

Blessings, Peace & Light until next time,


Disclaimer: Since you are visiting this site it's likely you are pursuing consciousness, peace and love. The realization of this Truth IS powerful, yet it also requires discipline and responsibility. Of course while we are loved without condition, the ideal is that we also engage with ourselves and others outside of ego and that we emulate the Love we are so freely given. This is another way of saying this Truth doesn't give us license to "behave badly" to ourselves or to others...

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Mbheki Maxwell
Mbheki Maxwell
Dec 05, 2022

Forgiveness it's playing the huge. Roll l love my self so I am for give me first and l forgiven the Ather people as well .

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