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Your Unconscious Autopilot

All humans have an autopilot of sorts operating subconsciously. Unfortunately your autopilot can lead you away from where you want to go, who you want to be and from what you are trying to accomplish.

Subconscious Programs

Whenever your conscious mind is engaged in doing something, your conscious mind is running the show. However, if your conscious mind is not involved, your subconscious mind is in operation.

A human’s conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time. For that reason your conscious mind is only able to handle about sixteen percent of your daily tasks. That means the other eighty-four percent is carried out by your subconscious mind.

The subconscious carries out these tasks by following a predetermined “template” or “program.” Think of it as telling your mind what you want it to do in any given situation when you are not paying attention. The program is allowed to run on autopilot carrying out your directions without your conscious input. That is great if you are aware how your autopilot is set.

Program Formation

But much of our subconscious programming forms between birth and about age seven, when you are absorbing information from the world around you with no awareness. Many programs we inherit by observing others without our conscious knowing. These can especially lead to unhelpful programs operating without your knowledge.

We also create programs later in life, for example driving a car. You likely have had the experience of being on a trip in a car and losing track of where you were. While you weren’t lost, you just didn’t remember the miles going by. However, you can remember all the details of the conversation you were having with your friend.

This is a great example of a subconscious program in action. In this case the subconscious program was driving the car while your conscious mind was focused on your conversation.

Subconscious programs are necessary for daily existence. For instance, you don’t want to have to relearn to walk all the time. But there can be non-supportive programs operating, sabotaging your conscious intent.

I Lost Everything

I knew a person who was sharing with me her issues around a lack of money. She explained she was experiencing hard times and was behind financially. A few minutes into the conversation she confessed that she had received a $300,000.00 settlement just a short time earlier, but the money was all gone. I asked her what had happened.

She explained she had met a stranger who needed money for his business. She decided since she had the money, she “should” help him out. He agreed to pay her back in a few months. She made the loan with no collateral and no paperwork for the full amount of her settlement; yes, $300,000.00! After a year she couldn’t find this person. She had lost everything. So what really happened there?

Well, besides being a victim of a scammer, she had a subconscious program running. She wasn’t comfortable “having money” so she gave it away and was continuing to have that experience.

Anxious Gatherings

I also had a recent subconscious program example recently. I have had a history of being a little anxious when going to gatherings though I never had clarity why.

A few months ago it occurred to me that maybe I had a subconscious program running. I checked (using applied kinesiology or muscle testing) and my test indicated that it was true. With a conscious request, I was able to clear the program. (More on clearing programs in a moment.)

How do I know it worked? I don’t feel that anxiety anymore when getting ready for or attending gatherings. It is actually quite odd as being a little anxious had been my norm since I can remember.

How To Identify

How do you know if you have a subconscious program running? By being aware of the results you are experiencing toward any given effort.

For example, let’s pretend you haven’t been employed, but you have decided it is time to find a job. You wake up in the morning with full intent (conscious mind) to submit applications. You decide to stop and get a coffee before you get started.

While drinking your coffee, you look at your phone. (Subconscious program starts running once your conscious mind is engaged on your phone) and before you know it you have burned an hour.

In this example notice if you get sidetracked routinely from submitting applications. Notice if you ultimately don't have a job. If so, there may be an unhelpful subconscious program of "I don't want a job" running.

Good News!

The good news is you can change the programs around any given subject. Consciously focusing on and repeating the intended new way of being is one method. This is why “affirmations and visualizations” are recommended by many spiritual teachers. This will likely take thirty to sixty days of focused intent to change the program, but it will work.

In the example of being comfortable with money, you might affirm to yourself two to three times a day something like, “I’m comfortable having money and I enjoy money flowing to me often.” Over time the program will shift as you get used to the idea of being comfortable with money.

There are other methods such as “Psych-K” where one enters a meditative state and removes or upgrades a specific subconscious program.

Finally, I have found it successful to simply ask my Spirit Team to remove the detrimental subconscious program. That is how I found relief around being anxious about gatherings.


Focusing on what is wanted is very important to create the life that you want. Sometimes subconscious programs can sabotage your conscious intent. Notice the effects subconscious programs may be contributing by your awareness whether you are making progress toward any given goal.

Extra Reading

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton goes into depth about subconscious programming as well as the affect our belief has on our biology, genes and DNA. You can actually listen to the audio book on YouTube for free here: The Biology of Belief

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