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Let's Work Together!

If you are interested in receiving help applying Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to your daily life or would like to resolve energetic blocks that can significantly affect your life and general "feel good," I'd be honored to work with you!

You can see more about resolving energy in this video or this Lamp Post article if you are interested. 

Email me at if you would like to set up a time or if you have questions that I can answer.

The ultimate goal is for you to to have full understanding of any underlying issues and how they are resolved.  It's easy to learn how to resolve common issues yourself in a short time. You can learn to resolve more complicated issues with practice. 

I work
in person, via Zoom, FaceTime or Whatsapp. The first session is free. Thereafter, cost is $50.00 per hour. (United States Currency)  I accept payment via PayPal, Venmo or cash.

I look forward to working with you!  I am confident that you will experience significant improvement!  Here we go!  Woo Hoo!


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