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What Happend?! I Used To Feel Good!

Why Energetic Help Can Be Effective

Do you remember when you were younger and you had natural enthusiasm and feeling good was common?

What Happened? The picture of the sun is a metaphor for your natural light; the very essence of your being. When you were younger, your light and energy had little interference. You were experiencing your True Self.

As you continued to have more experiences, it’s quite likely “energetic” issues began to interfere with your natural feel good. Incrementally over time your light was simply blocked by this energetic baggage as shown below.

The Good News! The good news is that it is absolutely possible to resolve these energetic issues and to return to your authentic, True Self! Your natural feel good is still there underneath!

A Few Examples of Energetic Interference:

  • Detrimental Beliefs

  • Unresolved Emotions

  • Fears

  • Negative Focus

  • An Out Of Whack Energy System

  • Other Unhelpful Energetic Influences

Keeping It Clean: Awareness is the key to maintaining a clean energetic environment. While it takes practice, the rewards are priceless.

You Can’t Be Serious!? If you are anything like me, this is a little hard to believe. I know I was extremely skeptical. What changed? I had an experience! A good friend and mentor shared this knowledge with me.

At the time I was always shifting position trying to relieve nagging back pain. Without knowing my issue, he found an energetic component to the problem and resolved it. My back pain was gone and my attention was captured! I continued to work with my mentor for several years, eventually learning to identify and ask for the resolution of my own issues. Now I assist others.

Conclusion: While “energetic issues” do not account for all problems in our lives, it is a significant percentage. If you are interested in exploring how they may be contributing to your life, Contact Rich at The Illuminated Path today.

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