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10 Symptoms of Dark Energy Influence

For some time I’ve wanted to write about this important topic. While it is my intent to offer this information in a sensitive manner, in order for you to have full understanding it requires me to be direct and candid.

The Illuminated Path’s mission is to encourage the application of Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to daily life in a practical way. That includes obstacles to your spiritual growth that can happen here on the earth plane.

Two other articles I have written on this topic are Is Dark Energy Real? and 5 Vulnerabilities to Dark Energy. These articles describe how dark energy or “dark entities” affect our lives. I call these entities “bad guys” for ease. I wish to expand on those articles here.

I realize this topic can be a controversial subject. Many current spiritual teachers don’t even mention the existence of dark entities. Yet likely due to my focus, I have had a lot of personal experience with them and I help others with energetic issues including dark energy almost daily.

I have found both personally and when working with others that when there are bad guy influences it totally colors that person’s experience. Through observation I have learned there are symptoms that can be recognized that point to the potential of having an outside influence. It’s important to notice these symptoms or it’s likely that you will think these feelings and behaviors are just “who you are.”

I’m not asking for you to “believe in” this. Yet, should you experience having one or several of the following signs or symptoms you will remember this as one possible cause and have this base knowledge to draw from. With that in mind, the following are 10 symptoms of having a bad guy influence:

- You feel a sudden or gradual worsening of mood.

- You feel inexplicable physical pain that can significantly worsen over time.

- You anger more easily or you can’t let your anger go.

- You don’t want to be around others.

- You notice you literally “feel bad” when you ask yourself, “How do I feel in my body?” (You might even be able to tell where the bad feeling in your body is emanating from.)

- You have racing negative thoughts.

- You feel compulsive about a behavior; like it’s out of your control.

- You feel something ominous, gloomy or threatening.

- You have a general “blah,” negative, sad or depressed general outlook.

- You stop considering others or how your actions affect them.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it gives you an idea of what an experience can look like when there is a bad guy influence. The thing with bad guys is our vibration can be totally influenced by their energy. That means that what we are attracting in our lives is also being influenced because the vibration we are emanating to The Universe is not fully ours.

So what to do if you suspect you are experiencing a bad guy influence? Contact me ( and we can explore and resolve this together quickly!

This is the one obstacle to your growth not often discussed and very difficult to learn on your own. Psychologists and psychiatrists may not even have knowledge of this very real obstacle. In my experience once any influence is removed there is huge improvement in one’s personal vibration or “feel good.” By removing these influences, you are much more in control of creating the life you wish to live.

This article was meant to provide you with basic knowledge to determine if you may be experiencing a bad guy. Contact me if you suspect you may have an outside influence! It can easily be resolved! I have seen these entities needlessly and negatively color people's lives. There is no need to allow or endure it!

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