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5 Potential Vulnerabilities To Dark Energy

With Avoidance Strategies & Protection Techniques

Disclaimer: Rich Hamm and The Illuminated Path offer guidance applying Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to daily life in a practical way. It is also important to share the truth about the nature of our earth plane environment so that potential obstacles are known. “Dark energy” is only discussed in this and other articles in an effort to positively empower you. Through this knowledge; protection, avoidance and resolution are intended.

I recently wrote an article, Is Dark Energy Real?, and it quickly became the most read post in the past six months. I am writing more about this topic assuming it will be helpful to you along your path. I realize this subject may be viewed as controversial by some. However, what I know is from direct personal experience.

5 Potential Vulnerabilities:

While the following is not an exhaustive list of how dark energy can affect our lives, the following are five of the most prevalent ways that I have found one can become more vulnerable to their influence. Generally speaking lower vibrational energies violate Universal Law by ignoring the sanctity of our personal space and Free Will.

1. Lower Vibrational Habits / Attitudes / Beliefs: Anything that we hold that is of lower vibration can be taken advantage of by the “bad guysand amplified. (Note: I use the term “bad guys” here as they don’t have our highest and best good at heart. However, because of Unconditional Love, they too are welcomed back into “The Kingdom” should they choose to turn back to the Light.)

Now, just because you have a bad habit, attitude or belief, it doesn’t mean that you are being influenced by dark energy. However, the lower vibrational focus does create more vulnerability. The way that this particular tactic works is whatever you hold in lower vibration, a bad guy can disguise himself matching that energy and then later significantly amplify it. The amplification isn’t you. However, the original “opening” was already present. So very subtly, the outside influence enters and over time amplifies the issue(s).

An example: Say you smoke cigarettes. Now pretend you have decided it is no longer in your best interest to smoke and have decided to quit. You know there will be some physical desire to continue so you are prepared for that. Yet you find that it’s much worse than just a physical desire; you feel compelled to continue smoking, like you are being “pushed” to continue. This would be one example of possibly having a negative outside influence amplifying the habit while working against the positive change. Of course, all smokers who are quitting are not under the influence of dark energy – but this is just an example of how they can work.

Any habit, attitude or belief of lower vibration by definition holds you back from the Light and can be a greater area of potential vulnerability.

2. Fear: When I first started to experience being targeted by these lower vibrational energies, I had no idea what was happening and I was very fearful. I felt like I was always looking over my shoulder watching for another “attack.”

As you likely know, fear is a very low vibrational state-of-being and actually much more closely matches the “bad guys” vibration. Without realizing it, I was more vulnerable because of my fear and “watching for them.” Thankfully, I received help from two knowledgeable coaches who helped me with strategies to avoid these encounters. I will list these strategies and techniques at the end of this article, some already mentioned in the previous article.

Keep in mind fear in any form can create more vulnerability. So notice fearful thoughts and avoid fearful activities like horror films. Yes, these movies lower your personal vibration (unless you are very practiced at holding your center.) I actually find these movies repulsive. They support the “bad guys” and give them more opportunity to influence people. For me, I avoid all activities that lowers my personal vibration, including watching scary movies.

3. Unconsciousness: Any form of unconsciousness can be a vulnerability. For instance, being fully identified with your ego is one form of unconsciousness. However, activities like heavy drinking and drugs move us toward even deeper unconsciousness or below consciousness. They create an environment where one is not aware of potential outside threats. Dark energy can much more readily move in when under the influence. Of course, they likely will then amplify the desire for the drugs and / or alcohol.

A beer, glass of wine or a drink here and there is not what I’m talking about here. Responsible “conscious” use of alcohol is benign. Yet if you drink enough to lose memory, consciousness, and cognitive faculties, then it can become a vulnerability.

4. Person of Influence or Power: If you are a person of greater influence or power, chances are you will become a target of the “bad guys” simply because if they can influence you, they have more opportunity to negatively affect many other people. That is one reason it is incredibly important to pray for the protection of our leaders and those with influence.

5. Light Becoming Brighter: Finally, and maybe most importantly for those in this audience, if you are focused on shining your Light, increasing your personal vibration or state-of-being and becoming conscious, it is possible that you could be targeted.

As your Light becomes brighter, you become more “visible” to the “bad guys” and more of a direct threat. Yet as each of us shines brighter, the collective environment of earth becomes more difficult for “dark energy” to operate within. So besides helping yourself by applying Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to your life, as you shine brighter and you experience a higher vibration, you literally improve the environment of the whole earth! How awesome is that?!

Avoidance & Protection Techniques and Strategies:

Hopefully just knowing these potential vulnerabilities will help you feel empowered. Yet, there are also specific techniques and strategies that you can apply to minimize the potential of dark energy’s influence. Again, this is not an exhaustive list. Yet the things that I do daily to protect and avoid are:

Become Conscious and Aware. Being conscious of your thoughts and aware of how you feel minimizes the ability of any outside force to enter unknowingly. You can also notice how various environments feel, whether light or dense. If it doesn’t feel good, avoid it!

Routinely Ask For Space Clearing: I routinely ask Arch Angel Michael (the protector Arch Angel who is awesome) to clear my space. You can designate the size. My general intention is that he clear whatever space he feels is appropriate. I ask to clear my house, my car and my physical space if in an outside environment.

Keep in mind, the clearing doesn’t last forever. Ask for your space to be cleared at least a few times each day. Morning and night is a good rule of thumb, or whenever you feel nudged or “feel” that lower vibrational energies may be present.

Envision An Energetic Protection Sphere: In addition to the clearing, I envision a sphere or “bubble” of Light surrounding the same space as noted above. If I’m in my house, I envision a sphere of Light surrounding the whole property. If I’m walking on the street, I do the same for my personal space.

Ask For Angels to Stand Watch: Ask for angels to “stand watch” and “hold the space.” Their higher vibration and focus on your intent increases the energetic protection. This is especially helpful at night before going to sleep.

Ask For Help: Should you feel threatened, ask Arch Angel Michael for help immediately. He will do the rest! Yet you do have to ask for help to receive it. As with all of our spiritual support team from the Light, they will not ACT unless you ASK due to the Law of Free Will. Yet when you ask, you will be able to tangibly feel the improvement.

Finally, assistance is available at The Illuminated Path. Email if you would like to discuss this topic further.

I wish I could tell you that dark energy has no influence over our earthly environment and lives! Unfortunately that isn’t the case. However, you can be empowered by knowing their tactics while learning and applying strategies to minimize and negate their influence. It is my prayer that this information is helpful to you along your path.

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