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Development Circle


It is very beneficial for a group of people that hold the common intent of “spiritual growth and development” to meet in a “Development Circle.”  I have “worked with Spirit” for a number of years, (see the overview of my experience here), and I am looking forward to meeting with you in our Development Circle!   

The purpose of our circle is for every member to grow in their ability to open, connect and receive information from Spirit that is helpful for themselves and for others, based in Love and in the highest and best good of all concerned.  Here is the intention and expectation:

  • Improve openess and ability to be a clear channel.

  • Continue to develop personal unique connection to Spirit.

  • Pose questions to “Spirit” for the group to practice receiving answers / information. 

  • Offer answers and information you receive to other’s questions in group discussion.

  • Be a part of a group of people interested in personal growth and connection to Spirit.

It is expected that the group will offer a confidential and nonjudgmental environment where each member can learn at their own pace and comfort level while offering enough challenge to encourage growth. 

The group will meet at a convenient time each week for a specified duration of time, likely 60-90 minutes.  It is encouraged that each member commit to meeting each week not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the entire group.  The duration the group continues to meet shall be determined by the group, but the initial goal is 8 weeks / (8 meetings).  The group can decide if they desire to continue meeting thereafter.

While the agenda will likely change to accommodate the needs and growth of the group, you can review the initial agenda here

I am happy to be the facilitator for the group initially, while other members are encouraged and welcomed to fill that role if and when they desire.

Are you interested? Email or  Contact me today!  




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