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Initial Development Circle Meeting Agenda


Meeting Start:

  • Call meeting to order

  • Opening prayer, setting intention  - (to be open & clear to receive information,      asking spirit to be with us for the highest and best good of all concerned.)

  • With permission confirm all aligned balanced and centered. 

  • With permission cleanse auric fields.

  • Clear space & energetic protection for each person.


Opening Discussion:  What happened the past week with connection practice / experience.

Meeting Middle:


Question(s) posed by members of group for the whole group.  Define clear question. 


(Re-confirm energetic openness of group, tweak if necessary.)

Then take 5-10 minutes to receive information on question. 


Group discussion on any information received.


Prep for next session.  Ideas for skill, teaching, meditation or member questions.


Meeting End:

  • Closing  prayer / thanks / gratitude


  • Confirm next meeting, etc.


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