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Rich’s Background 


I started working with a life coach in 2008 whose modality was to identify the energetic root cause of any given issue, whether it be a block to something wanted, a physical issue, or a habitual pattern among many other things.  I worked with that coach every week for several years.  I learned to use applied kinesiology, otherwise known as muscle testing (MT), during that time.  I started using MT to resolve issues on my own as well, identify conditioning, revising unhelpful subconscious programs, and ultimately removing blocks to my own natural feel good state of being.  I also started meditating during this time and learned how to “quiet my mind.”

After working with my life coach for a few years, he suggested I meet someone that he knew as a “psychic / medium.”  I didn’t really know what that meant at the time, but I reluctantly agreed to have her join us.  Likely picking up on my reservations, she set me at ease immediately, assuring me that she only worked with Love and Light.  Besides her beautiful spirit, after the first ten minutes I knew this person was “tapping in” to something that was real.  I had recently lost a good friend and she was able to connect with him and provide information about our lives she couldn’t have known.  She was also able to provide messages he wished to share with me.   I was amazed and mesmerized not only by the experience, but the implications.  From that point on my coaching sessions involved my original coach and my new mentor that brought an even greater level of “spirituality” – or connection with spirit, to our meetings. 

While we remain good friends, I stopped the formal life coaching several years ago.  However, I have continued working with my mentor routinely to date. 

I have learned a lot about my unique connection.   Quite some time ago my mentor helped me to connect with my spirit team. This experience is like a “journey” or visitation where I  "travel to the other side." I am able to have full experiences during these times and I connect with my team often. 

I have continued to use MT to help friends and family resolve various “energetic” problems;  from simple chakra alignment and balancing, auric field cleansing, physical space clearing and protection to more extensive energetic issues such as anxiety, migrane headaches, despair, discouragement, and physical issues such as lower back issues, jaw problems & migrane headaches, just to name a few.  Besides using MT, I have found that I also pick up on feeling and visual information dependent on the situation or need. Many times the issues we are facing have a significant energetic component that when resolved, allows our natural "feel good" and well being to rise to the surface.

Contact me if you feel I can be of assistance.  I look forward to speaking with you!





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