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An Energetic Upgrade

Note To Reader: This LampPost article was written to share the reason I have (had) been away from The Illuminated Path for several months. I share details on a subject that may also affect you along your path of spiritual growth and development.

Definition: An Energetic Upgrade is a spiritual process that involves all of the cells in one’s body being shifted to a higher frequency. The more one rises in vibration the more one is able to embrace, embody and radiate Love.

You May Have Noticed

You may have noticed you have not received anything from The Illuminated Path for a while. I thought I would share the reason(s) why. You may experience similar events along your path of spiritual growth and development.

I do have slight hesitation in being forthcoming as I realize that what I’m about to share may seem frankly - well - unbelievable. Yet I feel these types of things are quite common to those focused on spiritual growth and development. So you may benefit in some way by knowing about my experiences. I also feel better knowing that you understand why I have been away for a while.

A Brief History

Twelve years ago I was three years into my conscious spiritual journey. I was working with two coaches who I thought of as mentors and now dear friends. One of them connects with the Divine using “applied kinesiology” or muscle testing while the other is fully clairvoyant (able to see the non-physical). She would describe what was happening in the non-physical as we worked together.

Jesus happens to be the Master that I’m closest to, (while of course I honor all Masters!) During our sessions it became quite common for the three of us to have conversations with Jesus, my clairvoyant friend being the conduit for Jesus. It was so much fun!

During one of our sessions Jesus offered me an “orb of Light.” As described by my friend, “He’s holding it out to you,” she said to me. While I felt like I wanted to accept it, I had no idea how. After the three of us went back and forth for three to five minutes on “how to accept the orb,” Jesus finally kind of put it back into his pocket.

I was disappointed to have missed the opportunity yet I felt honored to have been offered the orb in the first place. Frankly I didn’t know the purpose of the orb. However, I felt it could only be good! I was excited to learn what potential positive change I could and hopefully would experience if I were ever offered it again in the future.

Over the next few months we continued having our conversations with Jesus. I looked forward to another opportunity to “accept the orb.” Sure enough, during one of those conversations he offered me the orb again! I remember feeling anxious and still didn't know how to accept it.

This time I had a sense of where the orb was though. It was “hovering” right in front of my nose. I continued to “watch” the orb and stayed focused on it while my mentor indicated Jesus said I needed to “feel it in.”

I continued staying focused on the orb and it continued getting closer and closer until it entered through my chest and settled around my heart. Then it exploded! My mentor described the light coating my insides.

I could feel the warmth travel throughout my entire body. When it was clear the event was over I remember her saying, “Oh boy.” I looked at her like, “What?! What did I just do?!” But her comment was obviously in appreciation for what had just happened; not that there was any problem.

She then said, “Jesus just hit you on the arm like, “Let’s get going.” He indicated that whatever this was would manifest over time and not to expect anything in particular. Jesus recognized me as a novice / beginner.

I would later learn over the next several weeks that what I had experienced was an “energetic upgrade.” This is something that literally affects every cell in your body. Apparently it takes “40 days and 40 nights” to fully integrate the shift. During this time I was physically tired and would routinely go to bed early to get more rest.

What were the results of this shift? I’m assuming it correlates that after several months I found that I was able to connect directly with my Spirit team and have full experiences with them! I also found that I became more able to feel what others were feeling.


Believe it or not, since then I’ve had three other “energetic upgrades.” The time before last was very similar to a “reboot” of a computer.

I was with my Spirit Team, they were all around me in a circle as Jesus placed his hands on my head. Then the screen in my mind’s eye went black, then after a few seconds came up white again, to finally my team appearing blurry then clear again. Again over the following weeks I experienced being tired as the upgrade integrated.

I’ve commented (tongue in cheek) to my friends /mentors that I must be the lowest form of consciousness to require all of these upgrades! But I’m obviously profoundly honored and grateful! Where would I be without them! Well – the guy I used to be!

I have gotten very close to my Spirit Team and have been able to connect with them easily. I didn’t proceed with any action at The Illuminated Path unless inspired to do so. It was normal to feel guidance on overall subject matter. This is how content at The Illuminated Path has been created.

Most Recently

Then several months ago I had yet another “energetic upgrade.” Guess what the result was this time? I LOST CONTACT - (GASP!) Connecting with my Team wasn’t working any longer! I wasn’t receiving any information or guidance.

So I have been waiting for my connection to return, but it hasn’t happened! Wanting to assure the highest integrity for content at The Illuminated Path, I decided to “do nothing” without the proper guidance. I assumed my connection would return at some point.

Just a few days ago I met with my clairvoyant friend who helped provide some clarity. I’ve been stuck, looking back at “how I used to connect” and have not fully “stepped forward into a new way of being.”

Using an analogy from aviation, when flying an instrument approach, the pilot will tune in the navigation frequency and then listen to the Morse Code identifier to confirm not only that the system is up and operating but it's the correct one.

With my “spiritual connection,” for years I would get a very distinct “feeling tone” when connected; a feeling of Love, soundness and bliss. In retrospect I see that I’ve been using my “feeling tone” as confirmation that I’m “tuned in” to the right frequency.

With this last upgrade it’s like the “Morse Code” confirmation from my spiritual Instrument Landing System dropped out. Apparently this happens as one gains maturity. So this change has been a little disorienting.

I have to say that our connection is never broken and our Spirit Teams do not leave us! My experience has been we are the ones not tuning in properly.

This last upgrade shifted the feeling tone to my personal connection. It now feels more like an old friend. I have been assured that I remain connected so I shall carry on!


I felt that you may like to know where I’ve been and I’m hoping that you benefit from knowing that these types of things can happen along your path. I expect that you will hear from me more often going forward!

Phew! What an adventure! We wouldn’t grow without change! Here we go!

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