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Our Buddy Jesus

8 Surprising Realizations

When I became serious about my personal and spiritual growth, I found it required me to have the audacity to question everything. That included what I was taught about Jesus. This is now my perception of who he was and what he continues to encourage today.

1. Direct Connection: Jesus practiced a direct connection with God and the divine. He encourages the same for us.

2. The Pedestal: By putting Jesus on a pedestal, we actually create a separation not only to him but the whole Universe. That belief makes the assumption that we are not capable of reaching “his level,” so few try. However, we all have the same potential. He really meant it when he said, “You can do these things and more.”

3. An Ordinary Guy: While we consider him a Master, he would say he is just an ordinary guy.

4. The Son Of God: He is the Son of God, just as you and I are sons and daughters of God.

5. Eternal Life: While there is physical death, he knew our spirits and consciousness live eternally. That’s at least one reason he said to those crucified with him, “Today you will join me in paradise.” Due to unconditional Love, eternal life is our birthright! Request your Key to The Kingdom as a symbol and reminder of this reality! (Email your physical address to and I will send it right away!)

6. Seek & Find: Jesus and The Universe welcome questions and curiosity no matter how audacious. You will receive personal answers; “Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.”

7. Teacher: Jesus is an incredible teacher, willing and able to assist. Yet he would encourage you to learn about Truth however it resonates with you.

8. Perfection: Jesus, God and The Universe do not expect any of us to be perfect. We are all here to learn and grow. The only way to grow is to make mistakes. It’s our experience that teaches.

But don’t’ take my word for it! Be audacious, curious and question everything! Find YOUR Truth!

For more on the nature of Jesus, read: The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra or watch The Shack, available on Amazon Prime.

In the meantime may, "Peace be with you!"

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