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Want To Try Something New?

Our world is such that there is a lot we can focus on that generates fear, doesn’t feel good and actually worsens the situation by our focus on it. Do you want to join me in doing something totally different?

The next time you are faced with whether you allow your focus to be drawn to a certain situation or an insurmountable problem or disaster, stop and ask yourself if this particular issue is one that is really worth your valuable focus. Does this subject create the world you wish to live in?

If the answer is “no,” the encouragement for us all is to stop focusing on those things and use our conscious discipline to focus on what we want. At the same time trust that “God” or “The Universe” has everything under control.

While it takes our conscious awareness, it is possible to make these choices. One way this works for me is to notice how a particular thought or subject feels. If it doesn’t “feel good,” I remove my attention from it by changing the input. (Shut off the T.V. / change the channel, change the subject of conversation, and / or if it’s a thought in my head, literally focus on something that feels better.)

Considering this from a “Law of Attraction” perspective, we are literally “tuning” ourselves “energetically” to what we want by what we give our attention to. Another way to say this is we are establishing our own personal vibrational state of being. Since “like attracts like,” we are literally creating our experience and the world we live in. It’s just a matter of if we are doing this consciously or not.

Now let's scale up any issue to the worst possible outcome we can think of from our earthly perspective; that of our physical death. But is it really that big of a deal to kick the bucket from a Universal perspective? We "just" get to return back Home to the other side, (to“heaven”) ! So why not enjoy our physical lives fully by embracing this knowing!?

Consider giving it a try. Notice if your world changes for the better!

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