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May Light Illuminate Darkness!

We find ourselves in very interesting times globally. Similar to many issues that we face, there is an underlying “energetic” element to what is being experienced. Yet we are not powerless to affect positive change!

Remember, your (our) focus is very powerful! So instead of focusing on the specifics of the day, I would encourage you to focus on Universal Light illuminating darkness wherever it is needed on earth. You don’t need specifics! The Universe can figure that out.

I have added this intention and visualization to my daily practice. Consider joining in! It’s not trivial! As each of us holds this intention, the Light on earth grows ever brighter! Get your phone wallpaper of this articles image here. Use it as a reminder to hold this intention!

Let’s expect and watch for positive change! As you do so, notice how your personal energy shifts from helplessness to empowerment! It feels good!

Join me in commiting to Love & Light. Expect to see the the outcome that you desire. Stay focused despite evidence to the contrary. And remember, this too shall pass.

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