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5 Steps To Change Your Life Today!

I had been working for years to turn our company around as its managing partner. In 2007, I was on the edge of personal and financial collapse. Having exhausted myself both personally and financially, I was in total despair and didn’t know what to do. More here

But after eighteen months of applying the following principles, you wouldn’t believe it! Everything turned around! Our business is now five times larger with even higher profitability. More importantly, I feel terrific! Apply these Universal principles to change your life today!

1. Surrender: This term doesn’t exude confidence. However, this isn’t the kind of surrender where you are submitting to a foe. Instead, you are releasing the “fight.” It’s a letting go, a stepping out of your personal “ego” where you think you have to have all the answers and control.

Paraphrased from Esther Hicks & Abraham, if a typical person is in the river of life pointed upstream paddling hard against the current, surrendering is letting go of the oars and allowing the stream to take you. My experience is surrender brings immediate relief. Also, when you let go in a heartfelt way, The Universe has a much greater ability to help you. “What you want” flows into your experience much more readily.

2. Trust: In order to let go, you have to have trust. This may be the biggest reason that people don’t surrender until forced into a position where the alternative is worse. Our lack of trust is our ego’s concern for personal safety. It’s o.k., thank your ego for its concern and jump into the water! While simple, it’s not always easy. Speaking from experience, once you get past the fear and actually trust, you will not only survive, you will thrive!

3. Ask For Help: We all have a “Spirit” team that loves us and has a much broader perspective than ours. (Guardian angels are one example). Your team can line things up for you. But due to the Law of Free Will, you have to ASK and ASK OFTEN! Your team will not act on your behalf unless you have asked for their assistance. As you see results, the more comfortable you will be in asking. Soon you will feel like you have a relationship with those on your team, similar to any other relationship!

4. Maintain Disciplined Focus: Something that has been your experience for a while has quite a lot of momentum behind it. It generally takes a little time for the ship to turn around. It’s necessary to maintain disciplined focus on the desired outcome (adding energy) to what is wanted. Be patient, the ship is turning!

5. Maintain Positive Expectation: Though you don’t know immediately how things will improve, maintain the positive expectation that everything is being lined up for you right now, IT IS! Look for the evidence, no matter how slight, that it is true. How you feel is a huge indicator! Maintaining disciplined focus and positive expectation helps to assure you are not sabotaging yourself by falling into old habits and previous ways of being.

Conclusion: When feeling bad, it isn’t always easy to start something new. However, (speaking from experience), in order to change, you have to do something different. I am highly confident it will be worth your effort. Apply these five principles to your life. You will truly be amazed by the results! Give it a shot! Woo hoo!

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