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A Fish Doubt Of Water

Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles affect our lives whether we know it or not

The Fish Doubt Of Water: Thomas and Johnny, two fish buddies, were swimming around the reef one day when Johnny said, “Thomas, did you know there is this thing called water?” Thomas said, “Water, what is that?” “It’s this stuff we move around in all day. It’s how we breathe too!” Johnny said. I don’t know what you mean Johnny; swim, breathe? “Well, I don’t really believe in water and all that stuff anyways.” Thomas said. “You don’t have to BELIEVE in it. It’s all around us!” Johnny said, jumping around like Grover on Sesame Street, exasperated. “You’re weird Johnny,” Thomas said as the two continued on their way.

Our Human Experience: Our experience as humans is very similar to fish in water. We are all swimming around in this environment of Universal Laws and Spiritual principles. Whether we “believe in it” or not, they apply to every one of us. It’s just a matter of whether we work with the Universe consciously or if we knock around experiencing life by happen-stance.

Conclusion: When we begin to consciously apply Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to our daily life, that’s when we can create the life we desire. The love and support that is available to each of us is astonishing!

It’s also o.k. that everyone doesn’t have a conscious understanding of our environment. We are all learning at our own pace. It’s important we live and let live. But, since you are reading this, it’s very likely you know about “water” or at least some of its aspects. Rock on! Wherever you are, it only gets better from here! Welcome to the school! (hee hee – get it?)

Until next time, may you be surrounded by Peace, Love & Light!

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