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7 Practical Methods

For Applying Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles to Your Life

All of us humans are creating our lives utilizing Universal Laws and Spiritual principles. It's just a matter of if we are working with them consciously (with knowledge) or by default. Either way, these laws and principles are affecting our lives in a significant way. Yet with our awareness and focused application we can experience the outcome that we desire. In many ways we create our own experience or "reality."

Below are seven methods to apply these Laws and Principles to your life. I'm confident you will be successful!

1. Practice Awareness: Awareness is simply paying attention to what you are thinking while noticing how those thoughts feel. It’s nothing more than that! Yet, the reason it’s important is on an energetic level, it will improve your overall state of being. The human condition is such that we all have some degree of negative mind talk or self judgement; “I can’t do that, I’m so stupid, I’ll never get to experience that. ” It’s possible to catch those thoughts, “cancel them” and replace them with what is wanted. For instance, maybe the thought “I will never have a new car” is noticed (and it doesn’t feel good). Say “cancel that thought” and replace it with, “My new car is lining up for me as we speak. I don’t know how it is going to happen, but I know it is coming!” (Doesn’t that feel better?) Of course, replace the negative thought with what YOU want!

Action: Consider setting an alarm on your phone to ring every 15 minutes. When it rings, stop and notice what you are thinking. If the thought is not a productive or happy one, say “cancel” and replace it with what is wanted. Commit to doing this and you will notice the negative mind talk slow and overall feel good thoughts improve. After a while, you will notice you have predominantly positive thoughts. Even better, you will notice positive things beginning to show up in your life’s experience! How you feel is truly the most important thing. Your experience flows from how you feel. Notice that thoughts feel “good” or “bad.” Choose the thoughts that feel good and watch significant improvement in all areas of your life!

2. Manage Focus: What’s the difference between awareness and focus? We’ll, our awareness is generally “what’s going on inside of us” while focus is “what is drawing my attention on the outside.” We don’t have to be consumers of everything around us. We can choose what we allow into our awareness.

Action: You can decide what you are going to give your attention to. For instance, what conversations are you involved in? Does daily news help or hinder how you feel? How about the music you listen to, books you read and movies you watch? Carefully choose what you focus on based on how you feel while doing it. By doing so, we practice awareness (noticing how we feel) while focusing externally, managing focus. Allow “how you feel” to determine how much you focus on any particular subject and notice your overall “feel good” improve.

Action 2: Consider training your mind into “no thought” or meditation. When thinking subsides, our natural feel good rises to the surface. Granted, it will take a little practice, but less time than you might think. Go somewhere that you will not be disturbed. Sit comfortably and just close your eyes. Notice how active your mind is. You are observing your thoughts. As you start thinking again, just bring yourself back and start “watching” again. Practice 5-10 minutes a day for several weeks. You will notice longer gaps between thoughts to the point where you can sit in no thought. More importantly, you will be surprised with the improvement in how you feel!

3. Ask for Assistance: We have a whole team of nonphysical supporters who are ready, willing and waiting to be asked for their assistance! A guardian angel is one example of our nonphysical support staff. It’s also likely you have several guides working with you on specific aspects of your life. For instance, if you run a business, you could have a guide specifically focused on the business. Name any of your interests and it’s likely you have someone ready to support you with it. Yet, due to the Law of Free Will, your support staff will not act on your behalf without your direct request. Unfortunately, blanket requests do not work. Requests have to be renewed often. (This shows your team you remain interested in their help.)

Action: Ask for help and ask often! You will be surprised that many times things are accomplished with very little effort of your own! When you notice those accomplishments, thank your team! This confirms to them that they have hit the mark and also encourages more support. I ask my team for help on a daily basis.

4. Visualize: Visualization is important because it allows you to “go” to the place that you want before it is materially tangible in your experience. It is all about helping you feel what it will be like to have, do or be whatever it is that you want. When you visualize you are actually “lining up with” what you want in a very tangible way. You are allowing yourself to “go there,” while not considering the obstacles. For example, if you wanted a new car, visualize every aspect of the car; What make and model? What color? What kind of interior? What does it smell like? What does it sound like? How does it drive? How do you feel while driving it? How fast is the acceleration? How smooth is the ride? How does it feel to wash and wax it? Where is it kept? All this visualization occurs in your mind’s eye, like a daydream.

Action: On a routine basis, sit for a few minutes, closing your eyes and focus on specifically what you want. Allow yourself to just enjoy actually being, doing or having whatever it is that you are focused on. Do this for four to six weeks and notice how you begin expecting what you are visualizing! Hold your focus and remain expectant. You will be surprised how things line up!

5. Take Time for Yourself: It’s very important to fill yourself up first. We can’t give to others, our spouses, our families or communities until we are filled up first! It’s important that we sleep enough, have time for exercise, eat well, take time to visualize or meditate or do whatever it is that we find personally important. As we do the things we love, we fill ourselves up and our overall feel good improves which also correlates to our state of being. Also, honoring our bodies with the proper rest, exercise and nutrition gives us a deeper store of resources.

Action: Even if you are very busy, carve out 5-10 minutes per day to do what you feel is important for you. Perhaps you can extend that to 30 minutes to an hour? Whatever it is, honor yourself by filling yourself up first!

6. Be Grateful: When we practice gratitude, we literally change our state of being. It’s something we feel! How many things can you be grateful for in a day? When you start noticing, I bet you will find that the list goes on and on! When I wanted a new car, instead of complaining about my old car, I decided to be grateful for the car I had. I started to treat my old car as though it was my new car. I would keep it washed, waxed and vacuumed. I did routine maintenance and actually found a new love for that old car. And that’s when my new arrived!

Action: Look around right now. What are you grateful for? How about just your phone or computer? The ability to connect with others. There is tons of stuff to be thankful for when you start noticing. If you catch yourself complaining (which you notice because of your improved awareness), switch as fast as you can to gratitude. Just the improved “feel good” is worth it. And I bet you will notice other positive improvements in your life as well!

7. Resolve Energetic Issues: There is a spectrum of energetic issues that can affect us. Many times when these issues are resolved, they can significantly or totally improve the problem. A few examples; Our chakra systems can be misaligned and out of balance, our auric fields might not be clean or fully intact, we can trap emotions in our bodies, we can have unhelpful subconscious conditioning. There are a host energies that can cause physical, mental, emotional and psychological distress. You might find (even after applying the above methods to your daily life), that you are still experiencing some issues that don’t seem to resolve. That’s the time to look for the an energetic root cause. Initially finding and resolving energetic issues can require someone that has some training in that area. However, if you are interested, this is also something you can become proficient at.

Action: If you are having chronic issues that don’t seem to resolve and you would like to explore the potential energetic root cause, you can find help at The Illuminated Path. Just contact to set up a consultation.

I am confident that using these practical methods of applying Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to your daily life will make a very positive impact on your life! I have LIVED the improvement! If you are interested in the specifics of my experience, see the About Rich page.

I know that significant improvement is possible for you and all of us! I encourage you to give this a shot! Why wait? There truly is nothing at all to lose! I look forward to doing whatever I can to support you on your path.

In the meantime, may you be surrounded by Peace, Love & Light! Woo hoo!


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