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Connect With Spirit!

You Gotta Ask!

In 2007 our business was at its lowest point in history and we were still coming out of it in March of 2008. I wrote in my Divine Experiences Log, a written record of “successes” that I kept, “We needed nine thousand dollars to cover the rest of payroll today. We received nine thousand five hundred dollars in the mail.” And for the next eighteen months we received cash, “just in time” allowing us to meet our payrolls. We didn’t miss one!

At that time I didn’t have thorough knowledge of our nonphysical “support staff.” I would later learn that each one of us has a nonphysical team helping us through this physical lifetime. Most of us have a concept of angels. Yes, they are real. But we also have guides that help us with various aspects of our physical life and Masters that help us with our personal and spiritual growth, among other things. Of course loved ones that have “crossed over” can also be involved in our earthly lives if we desire. I have come to think of my team as “mission control,” like the Apollo, shuttle and other space programs. (Perhaps you saw the movie Apollo 13. Do you see the correlation?)

But here’s the thing. Due to the Law of Free Will, our nonphysical support team won’t act on our behalf unless we ask directly for their help! We have to ASK and ask often; like daily! Most of my life I had made the wrong assumption. I thought God, my guardian angel(s) and others knew what I was thinking and that they would surely assist me because they knew my thoughts. It turns out that I was totally wrong. While they know how we are feeling, we actually have to make a connection with them before they know what we are thinking.

So how do we connect? Well, it is as easy as having the intention. Our intention of contacting a specific helper or our whole team is like dialing the phone. Once we have made that clear intention, (verbally or non-verbally), we have made the connection and will be heard. (For example, my intention could be, “Arch Angel Michael, I’d really like to talk to you for a minute.”) It is as simple as that.

I found that I had my nonphysical team sidelined for a good portion of my life. Ugh! I simply wasn’t asking for their assistance. First I didn’t really know that they all existed, but I also felt that I had it under control (ego) and didn’t need any help. What a mistake!

While it’s important to let your team figure out the “how,” you will find that as you lean on them and see the positive results, you will develop a relationship with them similar to your physical friends and family.

Make the direct connection and ask for help. I know I was surprised, amazed and astonished at the outcome. You can be too! Here we go! Yeeee Haaa!

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