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YOU Can Change The World!

You REALLY can change the world!

A crowd facing the Light
The Masses Turning Toward The Light

Since the masses are focused on negativity, more negativity flows to the masses. But, you can improve your personal “feel good” in the midst of it while improving mass consciousness! Let's change the world together!

The way to improve the collective hysteria we have been experiencing world-wide is to shift our personal attention from it. Each of us has to become “the change we wish to see in the world.” The benefit is by doing so we actually enjoy the improvement personally while pulling our energy from the collective.

• Pay attention to your inputs! (T.V., radio, books, magazines, conversations, etc.) If they make you feel bad, helpless, hopeless or frustrated, stop the input into your system!

Pay attention to your thoughts! Catch fearful, frustrated, disempowering thoughts and consistently replace them with empowering ones.

Focus on what you want. Pretend it’s already happened! Help the Universe deliver it to you by tuning your thoughts and associated “energetic vibration” or state of being to match it. Then what you want must come.

Remind yourself that you have a Spirit team looking out for your best interests and TRUST IT.

You have the Power! It just takes discipline!

One at a time - person by person - the collective tide will begin to turn!

From a Universal viewpoint, this is all just experience. Ultimately we all get to return Home (to “heaven”) whenever we have accomplished what it is we came here to do or learn.

(Receive your FREE Key to The Kingdom as a reminder of this Truth.)

In the meantime, let's change the world together!

Here we go! Woo Hoo!

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