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Why Prayers Go Unanswered

The reason that your prayers go unanswered much of the time is due to your own resistance!

The fact of the matter, when we ask God or The Universe for something, on an “energetic level” it is given! So why aren’t you receiving what you are asking for? Because of your own energetic resistance to what you want! I know – it sounds crazy! Why would I have resistance to what I want? Well, it’s because you don’t realize you are doing it!

A Short Exercise: Right now stop and think about something you would like that isn’t in your current experience. (i.e. money, a new job, a person, an experience, feeling better, etc.) Now – notice if you are thinking about what you DON’T want or if you are actually thinking about what you WANT. Most of us think about what we don’t want.

An Example: Let’s use money as an example. Asking for money and then constantly having the thought, “I don’t want to be poor” focuses our energy and more importantly its corresponding vibration on being poor which is resistant. Focusing on what is wanted is allowing.

Our Focus / Vibration: Anything we focus on brings more of the same to us. Jesus actually pointed to this when he said, (paraphrased), “Those who have, even more will be given. Those that do not have, even the little they have will be taken away!” Well, that just doesn’t seem fair at all! But he was demonstrating his understanding of this law. “Those that have” are already “tuned” to the vibration of “having” and will continue receiving. They are allowing it. “Those that don’t have, what they have will be taken away” because they are focused on not wanting to be poor. So they are tuned to the vibration of being poor bringing more “poor” into their experience! They are resisting!

How Do We Allow? So how do we prepare to receive answers to our prayers? We need to “tune” ourselves or become the “vibrational match” to what we want before we can receive it. It’s by using our discipline to focus our thoughts toward WHAT WE WANT that allows it into our experience.

Helpful Exercises: Visualize what you want in full color. Feel what it’s like to have it! Create affirmative statements (affirmations) of how you have it right now! And then maintain this focus and expectation every day that it is on its way. (It is!) Stay aware of your thoughts and redirect them to what you want if needed moment by moment. Soon you will notice little things starting to shift or show up that indicate things (and your focus) are moving in the right direction. Then even bigger things will manifest until you have fully received your desire!

Conclusion: Certainly, some desires require Divine planning. However, many (if not most) of what we want can be realized by disciplining our mind, focusing on what we want and knowing it’s on its way! Give it a try. You will learn by your own experience that this is real!

It’s actually not fair of us to put the outcomes of our desires on God or The Universe. We have to be a cooperative component to allow anything into our experience! If we choose to continue resistant thought by focusing on what we don’t want, no one, not even our loving spiritual buddies, can overcome our lower vibration. It defies this Law of The Universe.

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