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The Proof Feeling Good Is Natural

You Can Allow It Now Even If It Seems Impossible!

Why is feeling good so elusive to many of us? Some would say it’s the human condition, but that just scratches the surface. There is a real reason it seems to be so difficult. Like anything, once we know the problem, it’s possible to implement a solution. What’s the secret? Keep reading!

The Water Skiing Bug: I was just a kid of nine years old. My high school aged brother owned a

ski boat. He would pull it to our family’s lake cottage in northern (lower) Michigan every year. He enjoyed water skiing. That particular summer he convinced me I was old enough to water ski and that I should give it a try. So I did.

The lake where our family's cabin is located.

With my dad driving the boat, my brother held the tips of my skis together as they poked out of the water. When I was ready I would yell, “Hit it!” and my dad would push the throttle forward pulling me through the water. Time and again I would either take on water, skis would come off, or I’d fall forward or backward. Finally everything lined up and in one fell swoop, I was standing on top of the water on those skis behind the boat! My dad took me on a “short loop” and brought me around and cut the throttle in front of our beach and I sank back into the water, floating by my life preserver.

I remember the sense of euphoria that swept over me. I had just caught the water skiing bug. For quite some time that feeling of euphoria would return, but I noticed it began to wane the more experienced I became.

Cessna 150

Flying Fever: Fast forward and I’m college age. I’m in the left seat of a Cessna 150 taking my first flight lessons. I remember the engine noise, all of the dials and gauges that I was still learning to interpret and the squeak of the flight instructor’s leather jacket as he sat next to me. I was doing my best to listen to every word and translate that into action to control the airplane in various phases of flight.

Maneuvers complete, we would return to the airport, land and taxi to the ramp. I would proceed with the shutdown checklist; “All lights and radios - off, mixture - idle cut off, magnetos (key switch) - off, master switch - off.” The propeller would quit spinning and except for the whine of the gyros spinning down, all would be quiet. That’s when I’d feel that same sense of euphoria sweep over me. I had caught the flying fever! The sense of euphoria seemed to return every time I would fly. Then I started professional pilot training and I noticed again that it seemed to diminish.

Out Of My Mind: Fast forward 15 years and I’m no longer flying professionally but running a company that incidentally is doing very poorly, in large part the reason I learned how to apply Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles to my life. (See for more on that history.) I had been reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and he suggested meditation. I really had no concept of what meditation was, but I was determined to give it a try, if for no other reason that Eckhart suggested it. (I can tell you now that meditation is simply quieting the thoughts in your head.)

When I first tried meditation, I noticed I could only maintain “no thought” for about 1-2 seconds, then my mind would wander and I’d be off thinking about something. However, in a fairly short time I noticed the “gap” between thoughts began to increase. Do you know what happened then? The euphoric feeling returned! I was hooked just because I wanted to feel the feeling! Soon, the time between thought wasn’t seconds but minutes and even hours! I made it a habit to “practice” daily. I would just bask in the “feel good.”

Conclusion / Correlation: After several months I had the “aha” moment. It dawned on me that the euphoria or peace I was feeling while meditating was exactly the same as what I had experienced when learning to water ski and fly! During those activities, I was very single minded and focused and “present,” not thinking about the past or the future. I had “shut off” thought about everything else, just like I had been practicing with meditation! I could now see how much my negative thoughts and my body’s corresponding reaction to them was masking my NATURAL feel good! As I continued to discipline my mind, I was able to maintain the “feel good” longer even when not in meditation. Peace is now my dominant feeling! And it's a natural part of YOU right now! If you aren’t feeling good, it just needs to be unmasked.

I’d be willing to bet that you have experienced this feeling while doing or after finishing an activity that took your sole focus. That’s YOUR proof that feeling good is within YOU! Isn’t it great to know you can “allow it” without having to “do” a certain activity? It’s just a matter of quieting the mind! Give it a try. I know you can be successful and will probably be surprised! You are cleared for takeoff! It’s clear above and the visibility is unlimited!

Have you ever experienced this feeling? Would you like to know more about meditation? Leave a comment.

In the meantime, may you be surrounded with Peace, Love & Light!

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