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The MOST Important Factor for Growth

& 4 Common Misconceptions

Many believe that secret knowledge is needed for spiritual growth and development. The truth is the MOST IMPORTANT factor for growth (or the absence of it) is YOU! It comes down to your desire and heartfelt intent. As long as you truly have desire, you will attract all sorts of positive attention from The Universe and the components that are necessary for your growth and development will arrive quite organically. You will literally be led along your own unique path!

No Shortcuts: You could attend countless programs where many of the same spiritual concepts are pointed to. Yet, without heartfelt intent and your willingness to apply and test these concepts in your own life, nothing will ever change.

This is where stepping out in faith is necessary; to notice what resonates (feels good and is inspiring), and then to do your best to apply it to your own life. With spiritual growth and development, each of us is truly our own “guinea pig” or test bed! It’s your personal experience that teaches. There is no short cut!

Just Do It For Me / Make It Easy: If every time you get into a jamb The Universe, God or angels step in to fully remove the discomfort, you wouldn’t learn anything! Remember, the reason you are having this physical earth plane experience is for the expansion of your soul; to learn about Truth.

That certainly isn’t to say that help isn’t available from these divine beings! Yet, in my experience help comes in the form of a nudging toward the solution; something that you need to apply to your personal life to affect change. Follow the guidance and the solution will fall into place.

Religion / Miracles: You may know that I grew up the son of an Episcopal priest. Many Christian and other traditions are very helpful to their followers. Yet one I feel is not helpful is the notion that a miracle is needed in order to affect change.

While grace and miracles are certainly powerful and real, the fact is that your engagement is necessary for even those changes to occur or to be lasting! Many times the reason to ask for a miracle are for situations that are unknowingly within our control!

Taking Uninspired Action: We humans think that taking action is necessary in order to accomplish anything. While inspired action is great, action originating from the mind is likely not as helpful or is literally in the wrong direction. Your heartfelt intent and engagement will assist you in being led to take inspired helpful action.

Conclusion: Your heartfelt intent and your willingness to try something new even with limited experience means everything to your success. You will be supported and your life will change as you step out in faith. As you actually apply these concepts to your life your faith and belief in spiritual laws and principles will become certainty and knowing! It's such an adventure! Here we go! Woo Hoo!

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