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Stop - Don't Jump!

For those of you interested in receiving information from Spirit or The Universe, I have found one of my personal obstacles is staying open while not jumping to conclusions.

Recently we had an acquaintance whose cousin was in the hospital with Covid-19. There was a request for prayer sent regarding this person via Face Book. My wife showed the post to me. Later that evening quite spontaneously in my mind’s eye I saw this person in their hospital room, sitting up approximately forty-five degrees in their hospital bed. He was on a ventilator, something that was mentioned in the Face Book post. I asked the question, “How is this person doing?” I was shown his lungs, approximately half full of fluid. Then I asked, “What is the prognosis?” and I saw the level of fluid in the lungs drop very low to being clear.

Next – I “jumped” to seeing this person in a wheelchair leaving his room. I assumed leaving the hospital, having recovered. Notice I didn’t ask a question here, I jumped to the conclusion and “filled in the blank” instead of allowing the information to come to me. I discussed this with my mentor and there is certainly a nuance here. Remaining “open” to receive information is different than compassion, an outflow of energy. I found I jumped from “openness” to compassion, wanting this person to recover. I was encouraged to “go back” to see the accurate information.

This person was still in the hospital trying to recover. I went back to “revisit” this information and this time the person was lying flat on his bed, a sheet being thrown over his head. My interpretation was that he had passed, which is ultimately what happened.

A few days after he had crossed over, I saw a family member of this person who told me he had actually recovered from the pneumonia, but he was on the ventilator so long, he couldn’t be “weened” from it. For lack of better explanation, the family member explained he was “lung dead.” That was the rest of the story. I had received the proper information initially after all.

Of course I felt for this person and their family which ultimately clouded some of the information I had received. I actually “filled in” what I wanted to happen and didn’t just wait to receive the information.

Keep this in mind as you practice connecting and receiving information. Accuracy is certainly important and something all of us aspire to master. However, without these learning experiences, there is no growth. Unfortunately the information we recieve and / or our interpretation are not always one hundred percent accurate. Take it in stride and keep practicing! The more we practice the better we get!

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