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Navigating A Difficult Situaition

Relying On Spirit / The Universe

Last year we felt very fortunate that our business had made it through 2020 generally unscathed in spite of Covid-19. However, the start of 2021 brought several unexpected challenges, the most significant being the lack of available staff for our shop. As this year (2021) has progressed, the problem worsened to the point that we were consistently understaffed by 25%. So I, (and all of our management staff), were drawn into production roles out of necessity.

Increasingly Out Of Balance: During this time my typical schedule was to wake at 5 a.m., work throughout the production day, then head into the office for admin work, only to arrive home around 7 p.m. each night. I worked similar hours years ago when our company was in its infancy. Yet, this very company gave me the opportunity to learn about “who I am / who we all really are,” and how important it is to maintain a balance, to fill ourselves up first, and to focus on, visualize, ask for and expect “what we want” among many other things.

So as our situation dragged on from weeks to months, I became increasingly unsettled. I knew better than to allow myself to be drawn so out of balance. My energy was slowly draining, I was spending little quality time with family and my overall balance had been significantly upset. Worse, my connection to Spirit was not as strong. While I would talk to my Spirit Team on my drives to and from work, it lacked the quality that I have become accustomed to.

One Option: Finally I decided it was time to do something different as I knew this wasn’t the direction that I desired. One option that I was considering was to shut the business down. So one day I decided to look at this possibility using Tarot cards. I started to shuffle the deck and the “7 of Swords” fell out into my lap. This is a card that represents, at least for me, a “foolhardy plan.” I scuffed, and hastily put it back into the deck figuring, “That was just a coincidence.” I continued shuffling and shuffling - many more times - until I felt it was enough. I cut the cards and then slowly laid face down the top three cards, my standard practice. I breathed deeply and then turned the first card over… And (yup), there was that dang “7 of Swords” staring at me again. Obviously shutting down the business wasn’t the proper direction.

A Better Option / Surrender: I still knew that “I” needed to do something different. Over the next few days I released the “how” or “what” to The Universe and simply set the time frame for how much longer I was willing to work in the company at my present pace; 6 weeks. That was September 15th so November 1st was my deadline. This gave me an “end date” that I was able to focus on. I figured it was up to The Universe to work out the details. This lightened my outlook.

The first few weeks nothing changed with staffing. However, slowly we were able to hire a new person here and there and over the next several weeks we had enough people so that if everyone reported to work we were perfectly staffed.

The Deadline: November 1st arrived and two key people ended up missing that entire week. But it was clear The Universe had provided! So I continued to work that week and was able to hire two more people so now we could be fully staffed even in the event of absenteeism.

Conclusion: I am so thankful to The Universe & my Spirit Team and happy to report that as of this week (November 8, 2021) I have successfully returned to a normal schedule! I am now eager to resume my passion of sharing the Good News; being a humble representative and the best conduit for The Kingdom that I can be.

While being “spiritual” doesn’t negate the problems (opportunities for learning) that we face in life, it does ease the burden, like a more relative “this too shall pass” outlook. It also provides more tools (consciously applying Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles) and resources (like leaning on your Spirit Team) to draw upon.

Now, let’s get going! Woo Hoo!

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Jabulani Sigasa
Jabulani Sigasa
Nov 29, 2021

Very encouraging spiritually

Replying to

I'm so happy it resonated with you Jabulani!

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