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It's Your State of Being!

There is a misunderstanding around the Law of Attraction. Many feel that the law is saying, “Just feel good and the rest will take care of itself.” Well, that kind of is true, but there is a deeper level that is important to understand.

Everything we think, conversations we have, programs we watch, or books we read have a certain level of “energy” associated with them. The Law of Attraction is based on that energy. That energy can be correlated to the actual “feeling” we have in our bodies. Pay attention to how conversations, T.V. shows, or (especially) your own thoughts feel in your body; not the emotion – but the actual feeling. For instance, perhaps a subject, a conversation, a book – helps us to feel more content. That correlates with a “better” feeling on the scale of “good feeling.” However, another subject, conversation, our own thoughts can be associated with a “worse feeling.” Those different “feelings” – the literal feeling in our body – can be associated with a lower “vibration.”

From a physics perspective, a high note on a piano is associated with a very high vibrational frequency and a low note can be associated with a low vibrational frequency. For us humans, thoughts have similar frequencies that are expressed in our body as “feeling” based on their relative “feel good” or “not so good.” So our body becomes the “instrument” to let us know if something “resonates” with us or not, like a piano tuning fork. If something “resonates” with us, then it’s more of a “feel good” sensation then something that does not resonate with us.

So, going back to the Law of Attraction, everything we experience registers a relative frequency WE FEEL within our bodies, literally our overall “energetic” vibration. So if in general the FEELING we have in our body – NOT THE EMOTION – but how it “feels” - is one of pessimism , then more things along that “pessimistic” vibration continue to be drawn to us. Yet, if we have disciplined ourselves to choose our focus, our conversations, our attention to those things that resonate on the “feel good” side, then we tune ourselves to the higher vibrational frequencies and more things of high vibration must come into our experience.

An important nuance here, human beings are naturally tuned to “high vibration” as this is the vibration of our origin, that of Love. Yet, in our physical experience, there are many things that can block that literal “feel good” that is natural in our bodies. For instance, we can have an unpleasant experience and that natural human emotion can get “trapped” somewhere in our bodies as many times we don’t fully resolve the emotion from that experience. (Think of knots in your neck or shoulders caused from unresolved emotions we call “stress.”) This is one common example of “trapping emotion” in our body. Also, energy centers in our bodies, our “chakras,” can be knocked out of balance and alignment. The environment in which we live can draw energy from us, as well as our literal thoughts and perceptions of events can block our natural feel good, among many other things. However, all those “blocks” can be resolved, something we can talk more about another time.

Yet, once one knows that we live in a “vibrational” Universe, the “game” becomes managing our personal “vibrational output” by being disciplined with the thoughts we think, and any “input” we absorb in any form, even exercise and the food we eat! We are literally managing our “state of being.” Again, this can be correlated to “how we feel.” If we literally “feel good” in our body, we are doing a good job being disciplined with our thoughts and all we absorb. Conversely, if we “feel bad,” we either have blocks that are not allowing our natural “feel good” to rise to the surface, or we are doing a poor job in our disciplined inputs, including our own thoughts.

There is a misconception that it is necessary to “go back” and re-hash whatever the old unwanted experience was in order to avoid it in the future. The problem with that is that the focus on the problem brings up the “vibrational equivalent” and therefore begins to re-tune ourselves to the problem yet again. Therefore, it is important to just, “start from where we are.” Know that the better we feel, the better experiences we shall have. So instead of focusing on whatever the problem was, focus on the solution or even better, simply how “good” you feel now in gratitude for the literal good feeling.

In closing, whenever we “feel bad,” it is our guidance system, (our bodies), saying, “I don’t resonate with the thought that I’m currently thinking; or the conversation, the environment, the book, the TV show, etc. That’s when it is important to maintain our personal awareness (a fancy way of saying – NOTICE HOW YOU FEEL) - so that we can change, even STOP the input. Change the conversation, shut off the tv. If it’s our thoughts causing the upset, it’s possible to “stop the input” by stopping thought. Stopping thought can be accomplished in meditation or in doing an activity that you enjoy that draws your focus from the perceived problem. For example, listening to music, as long as it’s “feel good” music, can accomplish a positive shift in focus. Then after “feel good” is reestablished, it’s our FOCUS that helps to maintain it. When I realized how important my “vibrational output” was, I set the alarm on my phone to ring every five minutes so I could “check in with myself” to notice what I was thinking – and more importantly how I was feeling. This helped to heighten my awareness and tune myself to “feel good.”

Whether we consciously “work” with the Law of Attraction” or simply “take life as it comes,” nevertheless we all have a point of attraction to which the Law is responding. While it takes a little practice, it’s totally possible and worthwhile to “live a disciplined life,” choosing the thoughts that are supportive and “feel good” while minimizing the opposite. This is more important than any physical action we take! When you tune your vibration to your own personal “feel good,” more “feel good” and the things you want MUST come!

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