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How To Apply To Your Life

One Way To Apply Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles To Your Life

We organize “Focus Groups” at The Illuminated Path that you can participate in! This Lamp Post is the orientation document sent to those who are interested. However, it dawned on me that this information may be helpful to all as it shows one way to apply Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles to your life in a practical way, whether the focus is done in a group or by yourself. With that in mind, see the orientation text below.


Welcome to The Illuminated Path Focus Group! Let’s have some fun, learn and grow and make positive improvements in our lives! Each of us will learn something new while gaining confidence in the power of The Universe!

It is hoped that this document will establish a common initial orientation for our individual and collective success. I expect this orientation will “morph” as we practice and gain more experience as a group and grow individually.

What is a Focus Group: A focus group is a group of people who are interested in improving something in their lives, while supporting others to do the same. Working together each member of the group will grow in their “spiritual” understanding and knowledge. You will gain confidence by your positive experience.

Universal Law / The Platform: Whenever any of us experience something not wanted, we send out a request for improvement. On a “Universal” energetic level, the request is immediately granted.

So why is it we often don’t we experience the improvement? It’s because we are fixated on not having it. We don’t become an energetic or vibrational match to “what we want.” Saying it another way, staying focused on “what is,” keeps “what is” in our experience.

So what we are doing in this experience is helping each other release resistance and to become a “vibrational match” to what is wanted. Others holding your vision will help add energy to what you want without contrary interference (negating energy) that one can be distracted by when working alone.

Your Focus Request: Your Focus request should be stated as clearly as possible as the end result of what you want. Answering questions from the group regarding your request will likely bring even better clarity.

What Do We Do When Focusing on Others? Important note: The following is just a general guideline. When focusing on other’s it’s our heartfelt intent to help that will make the most difference. There is no need to “worry if I’m doing this right.”

Just know your focused thinking (visualizing) about the end result for yourself and others is one way to add energy to any intention. (Literally – routinely envisioning the end result for that person for a minute or two each day , longer if you feel it would be helpful.) To increase the power, we can ask that “Universal energy” flow through us to the end result at the same time.

I envision Universal Light entering the top of my head and then flowing outward from my hands toward the vision of attention or focus. It’s like holding a garden hose and directing it at a flower. In this case, our hands along with our focused visualization direct the energy flow. (You may actually feel the energy flowing through you!)

Receiving: If you think about anything “not wanted” in our lives it actually has an “energetic component” that keeps it “locked in place.” Much of the time it’s our own thinking!

The more it’s possible to “surrender” the better. It’s necessary to allow the shift in energy to occur. So consciously asking for and accepting the help of not only others in the group but also your Spirit Team is necessary.

“Surrender” can probably best be described as releasing the “how.” Your job is to hold the end result in mind while doing your best to distract yourself from “what is” and allow The Universe to figure out how to get it done. Then trust that positive improvement is happening NOW!

Celebrate all movement, (however slight), toward what is wanted. It is not only fun, but builds the momentum in the direction of “what is wanted” encouraging further success. For instance, if I would like to experience more abundance in my life, finding a penny on the street is proof that things are moving ever so slightly toward abundance. Celebrate the slightest shifts! Then write down those experiences / share them with the group!

Ultimately it’s up to us whether we will experience success based on our ability to surrender and allow.

Momentum: If we have been experiencing “something not wanted” for some time there is quite a bit of momentum continuing to push whatever is “not wanted” into your experience. So, it can take a little time to slow that momentum and turn the ship into the opposite direction. But by staying focused on the end result you will notice more and more improvement! Having others focused with you can shorten this time!

Other Energetic Stuff: When intending to change anything in our lives there can be other “energetic stuff” going on that is helpful to clear in order to assist the movement toward “what is wanted.” A couple examples; we can “trap” emotions that have not fully processed, our subtle energy systems can be out of balance or there may be “known & unknown benefits” that haven’t been fully considered just to name a few.

Should other energetic things arise we’ll plan on discussing them privately. Later, if you care to share your experience with the group for their benefit, that is up to you.

Prayer / Spirit’s Help: Many of us grew up with the concept of prayer as a beseeching or begging “God” or The Universe for things that we want.

While prayer is very helpful, it has more to do with Spirit helping us to align and move toward “what we want” then it does with being granted a request like a genie in a bottle.

Asking our spirit team for help with whatever is necessary to help us to reach our desired outcome for our highest and best good is very powerful! God, The Universe, angels, other guides and Masters can nudge us toward the things that we need to release or to allow in order to experience the shift that we desire! But we must ask and ask often (like daily) due to the Law of Free Will.

Doing so not only adds to positive momentum and energy but it helps us establish a relationship with our personal Spirit Teams! (Yes – we all have one!) It’s so empowering to utilize their help and to know how much we are supported!

Sharing Results: For everyone’s benefit it is helpful to share results routinely. Let’s plan to report any progress when it happens! (We can do this by posting to our private group at The Illuminated Path or via email if we find that to be easier.) We can decide what is best once we get started.

Conclusion: This is going to be a blast! Approach it with playfulness and curiosity. We aren’t doing anything other than using our conscious awareness and “co-creating” with The Universe. Let’s see how it goes! Woo hoo!

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