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How Do I Know?

7 Ways To Recognize Communication From The Universe

Pay attention! The Universe and your nonphysical team are communicating with you! While not every

experience is a message, you can recognize when you are receiving help, information, guidance and support. How? Keep reading.

A Short Story: Recently a friend of mine took a person she knows to a doctor’s appointment for a procedure. As they sat waiting for the doctor, she could tell the other person was anxious. As they sat in nervous tension, a notification chimed on this person’s cell phone. She didn’t recognize the sender. As she looked at the screen she was astonished at what she saw. It was a beautiful reminder of the love and support from her team! See the message received at the bottom of this post. Goosebumps!

Timing: The timing of the message in the story above was perfect and it deeply resonated with this person as she has always felt close to her angels.

Resonation: Resonation is when the message has meaning to you on a profound level. You may not even be able to describe “why” to anyone else. It has the feeling of a “high frequency vibration,” similar to high excitement but without the emotion; a “buzzing” sensation.

It Feels Good: Guidance and support from The Universe and your team always feels good as it comes from pure Love. Take time to bask in the feeling!

Repetition: As you go about your daily business, you may notice that something comes up more than once in different interactions. If you wonder if that is a message, chances are it is.

Aha: If everything suddenly clicks and you have a deeper level of understanding and clarity, you are receiving assistance. This is the proverbial “aha moment.”

Recognition: Recognition is when you literally recognize something as a stepping stone toward a goal or an answer to a question.

Confident Knowing: Confident knowing is a very sound, unemotional knowing that something is the right direction. It would be hard to explain how you know, but you just know; its a “gut feeling.”

Conclusion: These are just a few of many ways that The Universe and your team communicate with you. Expect to receive guidance, direction and answers to your questions! I believe you will be astonished too!

The message received from the story above:

"Your angels are standing protectively around you.  They are saying, "We've got your back!"

Have you had an "intuitive" or "divine" experience? Consider sharing it with The Illuminated Path at Check out the other great stories there too!

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