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Energetic Solution / Mechanical Problem

The Problem: Back in 2018 we decided to build an automated piece of equipment for our business. It went into operation by mid-2019. While the machine performed as expected when it ran, unfortunately it's been plagued with problems. We haven't been able to get the machine to run more than 5 to 6 hours out of any 9 hour day. Worse, we were getting less than half of the expected volumes! For the first time in twenty years we had to cancel shipments.

Since we couldn’t seem to fix the machine no matter what we did, my partner and our GM were ready to throw in the towel. Our shop staff had been disheartened for some time. Something had to change!

I told our management staff I wanted to give it one last try. I shut down production for the day and our maintenance team and I went through the various components of the machine. While we made some minor tweaks, we didn’t find any earth-shattering problems. So I was apprehensive whether our efforts would prove to be successful.

The next day was our “final” try. If the machine didn’t operate, we would be forced to revert back to our old archaic production methods while possibly absorbing the significant cost of a “white elephant” machine.

The Solution: While driving to work I was talking to my spiritual team which included asking for help with our “Gold Line.” That’s when something occurred to me that I hadn’t tried, but it wasn’t mechanical. I asked Arch Angel Michael to clear our machine, and asked that it be surrounded with Love, Light and Protection. Then I asked for angels to please stand watch over it.

In my mind’s eye I saw our machine bathed in white light in what seemed to be a very high vibrational energy that would be impenetrable by lower vibratory entities or energies. I saw 4 angels at each corner of the machine, looking outward as if “on watch.” I thanked them for their help and while hopeful, was not feeling that this would necessarily make a difference.

While I have found resolving energetic issues is very helpful in our physical bodies, until now I hadn’t considered it would be helpful in a fabricated steel mechanical machine.

Conclusion: Just a short time later we started the machine and began what might be our final production run. I was shocked! In the first two hours we didn’t have a single problem! “Wow!” I thought as I thanked the angels for their help again. I kept a close eye on the system as we continued.

You guessed it! Can you believe the machine kept running the entire 9 hour day without any shut downs?! We more than doubled our production rates! I was astonished. Could it be that after 18 months of relentlessly trying mechanical remedies, all we really needed was an energetic solution!?

I have continued asking for clearing and the angel’s help. We are now on our third week of the same results. The machine doesn’t shut down and our production time and rates are still doubled! Our shop is cleaned up and we are way ahead! I have learned a significant lesson!

A Sensitive Topic / More Information: I realize this whole idea may be new information for you. It’s a sensitive topic and a subject that could span an entire book. But suffice it to say that part of the “soup” that we live in here on the earth-plane includes non-physical energies and entities that don’t have our best interest at heart. Most of us have natural protection from these guys but some are affected by them more than others based on their level of influence among other things. The good news is even if we are affected by them they can easily be removed.

I have noticed other spiritual sites and teachers don’t talk much (if at all) about this reality. Perhaps they are unaware. However, I feel it would be a disservice not to be open and direct about my experience.

Jesus, (the Master I’m most familiar with) was tempted by “the Devil” while in the dessert and also told his disciples to “cast out demons.” I know the Hindu faith has some focus on “protection.” The Catholic Church even has a “division” that is devoted to this work. So while it’s not an unknown subject, it’s certainly not openly discussed in our western culture. Due to my recent experience and dramatic results, I felt this was an opportunity to introduce it to you.

If you are interested in knowing more about the energetic resolution to issues, see I’m also available to answer any questions you may have! Email me at

Here we go, woo hoo!

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