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6 Common Obstacles To Growth

Awareness Minimizes Influence

While it is very possible to overcome obstacles to your growth and development simply by applying Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles, it is helpful to be aware of common obstacles that all humans have to deal with on the earth plain.

You Gotta Wanna: Probably the most fundamental Truth about all growth and development is that you have to be engaged in the process. As the saying goes, a horse can be led to water, but you cannot make it drink. Your level of commitment and engagement is directly proportional to your level of success.

Habit: If you have done something routinely for some time, (generally over thirty days), you have formed a habit around that behavior. While habits are great if they support “what you want,” when something is detrimental, it requires your awareness to choose something different to replace it. Apply what is wanted for around thirty days and a new habit will form, making it much easier going forward.

Conditioning: Science has learned that from birth to around seven years of age, everything that is in our environment is absorbed without a filter. If you grew up in a perfect environment, terrific! However, the reality is nothing is perfect so you likely have some degree of unhelpful conditioning. For instance, if you grew up in an environment where money was a constant concern, guess what? Chances are you will carry that same concern as you grow into adulthood. The great news is that like habits, conditioning can be identified and changed by intentional focus and expectation.

Known / Unknown Benefits: Have you considered that the things that you see as problematic in your life may actually have some degree of known or unknown benefit to you? For instance, if one has the habit of becoming angry over unwanted issues, that person may feel a sense of control or power by behaving in that way. Or those who choose to feel like a victim might do so to remove their own personal responsibility while avoiding new challenges because it simply feels more comfortable.

Energetic Issues: There are a myriad of energetic issues that can be unhelpful to your growth. The energy of your environment, “trapped,” (not fully expressed) emotions, or an energy (chakra) system that is out of whack can all contribute to slowed progress. There can even be negative influences occasionally caused by nonphysical beings that don’t have our best interest at heart. They operate out of ego as opposed to Love. You can ask your support team for help with these types of issues. There is also help at The Illuminated Path if you would like to explore this more fully.

Sloppy Focus: Most humans go through life living out of “happen-stance.” There is no real understanding about why wanted or unwanted things are being experienced. However, because of the Law of Attraction, your focus and expectation have everything to do with your experience! If you look at something and say, “I want that,” you include it in your experience. However, if you look at something and say, “I don’t want that,” you also include it in your experience! So anything focused on is included! Therefore, the “secret” is to have disciplined focus and positive expectation while minimizing attention on anything unwanted.

Conclusion: Awareness of these very human obstacles minimizes their influence to your overall growth and development. Every obstacle has a solution! You simply have to have the courage to look at them with a sense of curiosity while maintaining acceptance and compassion for yourself. Your effort will totally be rewarded! Here you go! Yeeee Haaaa!

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