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Why Would I?

It’s My Dominant Intent To Accept and Surrender To WHAT IS.

A monk completed years of training at the monastery and was heading out into the world. He went to the market and promptly got into an argument with the first person he saw. Afterwards, he knew he needed more training and returned to the monastery. I say, STAY IN THE WORLD, it’s your best teacher! (I believe the above story I have paraphrased is one told by Eckhart Tolle.)

The last several years I have felt I have gotten pretty good at accepting and surrendering to “what is” and thought it had become my default way of being. Leave it to The Universe to provide the opportunity to test how adept you really are.

Of course we have all been affected by the pandemic. I and a few others in my family contracted the virus in December and recovered within several days. Prior to that and continuing beyond, someone close to us was going through a significant health situation. The first of December someone broadsided my vehicle, totaling it. (I walked away without a scratch.) Then in January the largest customer at our company informed us they were no longer doing business with us. Although wishing for things to be different, generally speaking, I was able to take these situations in stride and accept them quickly.

However, eight weeks ago, we found ourselves with very limited help at our shop, to the point it has required me to step back in as a floor manager and worker, at least for the time being. That really changed my schedule. Instead of getting up at 7:30 a.m. and starting the day by exercising, followed by connecting with my team and The Universe, now I am getting up at 4:45 a.m., opening the business and working the shop floor all day, followed by more admin work in the afternoon, arriving home between 6:30 and 7 p.m. Knowing how important it is to fill oneself up first, I have become quite protective of my time so that I have that opportunity. Now, this new reality was “robbing me” of that experience! For the first time in quite some time I found myself in despair! This lasted about ten days. “I KNOW BETTER!” I would tell myself.

So what happened? With the help of a close friend, we identified that I had fallen back into one of those pesky “old habits.” (This can happen when put into a significantly stressing situation.) To help me out, I was sent what I would call a “shot of Love” from my spiritual team which acted as a “reset” for me. However, to continue to feel better, I knew I needed to refocus my awareness and fully accept the current situation with no “push back.” I needed to reframe the situation from something that was, "robbing me" - into one that was an opportunity to go deeper into acceptance and surrender. So, I refocused and started a new mantra. As soon as I feel that resentment, disappointment or overwhelm start to creep in, I am saying, “It is my dominant intent to accept and surrender to what is.” This has helped to shift my awareness and focus on my new opportunity! (After all, it’s not what happens, but the “story” we tell around what happens that determines how we feel.) While I am still working for change, peace has returned and I feel more energy and have better ideas to deal with “what is.”

I created a cell phone wallpaper for myself with this new mantra. If you feel it might be useful to you, or you’d just like to see it, you can download that wallpaper here for free. My thought was every time I picked up the phone I would be reminded of what I’m working on. It’s worked!

So, “Why would I” (accept and surrender to what is?)


2. To have more energy

3. To have better ideas

4. To take action from inspiration as opposed to ego / emotion.

5. To relate to others in a more loving and patient way.

6. Because whatever happens on earth is relative. Everything you experience here is for the benefit of your spirit’s growth. Taking the opportunity to accept and surrender to what is, moment by moment, deepens your spiritual practice and aptitude and ultimately the growth of your soul!

We are on an incredible adventure, all of us humans. Consider reframing your challenges as opportunities for growth. After all, that’s the reason you chose to have this physical human experience!

Here we go!

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