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Subconscious Triggers

Do you know that reaction(s) to life’s circumstances can come from subconscious emotional “triggers?” Notice the word re-act; to act as one has before.

Subconscious Triggers

What is a subconscious trigger? Well, it’s the emotional (feeling) state at which you react in the same way that you have in the past caused by a similar feeling that is occurring presently.

For example, say as a child someone at school teased you often and that made you angry. Now as an adult, any time you have a similar feeling as being teased as a child, you react in the same way; with anger. So the previous negative feeling state becomes the trigger that causes similar reaction now. This can happen with any negative emotion, not just anger.

Respond Consciously

What is the point? Well, the ideal is to respond consciously and objectively to life’s circumstances in order to maintain “feel good” and clarity. This allows maintenance of center and a sense of calm, even equanimity, in the midst of a perceived challenge.

When unconsciously re-acting (acting as we have in the past), it is possible that the situation hasn’t even been perceived correctly. Reacting closes off the opportunity for clarity as the subconscious takes over. This leads to unnecessary conflict and certainly doesn’t feel good.

Do I Have A Trigger?

So how do you know if you have a trigger? Notice the intensity of emotion to any given situation. Intense emotion is a clue there is a trigger. Also, if you are in a similar negative emotional state often, that is a clue there is a trigger. Finally, if you have a “hair trigger” around anything, chances are - well - THAT’S a trigger.

Now What?

So what do you do about it? Most importantly maintain your awareness. Intend that the next time you experience a similar situation (feeling state) that you will remember to be on high alert. It is as simple as noticing how you are feeling in the moment while not allowing the “reaction cycle” to take over. You can literally become the observer and “watch yourself” in any given situation and then decide how to respond in the moment.

You will likely still feel the feelings, but by maintaining your awareness the “conscious you” can decide how to respond. You can also ask for your Spirit Team to help you stay aware when approaching a situation where you could potentially be triggered. You can even ask for help resolving the trigger.

Be Patient With Yourself

Keep in mind that as you start with this intention it is possible that you will be able to hold your awareness initially only to have the trigger take over again. That’s o.k.! You made it further than you have before! Just maintain the intention to stay aware to the best of your ability next time. At some point as you maintain your awareness the trigger will diffuse in the Light of your consciousness.


While it takes focus, it is well worth the effort to maintain awareness in the midst of circumstances where you may otherwise be triggered. Dismantling triggers allows conscious response to any given situation while offering calm in the midst of a challenging situation.

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